Welcome to Agriplus by Trelleborg. The new partnership programme that rewards your loyalty. Choosing Trelleborg Tyres helps you to "Produce more, with less". With Trelleborg you enhance your operations and protect and grow your business. Agriplus is an exciting new partnership programme in which you will earn points for a number of Trelleborg related activities. You can redeem your points for a vast array of exciting prizes.

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Take advantage of your loyalty points and shop from a range of exclusive brands.

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Agriplus dealers

Need help finding a dealer? Click here for a complete list of our Agriplus dealer network.

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Trelleborg Wheels Online Academy

Earn points while learning! With Agriplus, earn points by completing these training modules and enjoy unique benefits and rewards.

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Wondering where to use your loyalty points? Explore our rewards store with over 120 brands & 700+ products.

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